Why You Should Email Coaches As Soon As You Are Serious

Why You Should Email Coaches As Soon As You Are Serious

Why You Should Email Coaches As Soon As You Are Serious

So, you are a high school athlete or a loved one of a high school athlete who wants to be a college athlete...

...You know there is a lot to being successful at the recruiting journey, and email coaches is a critical pillar of that process.

You would be right to wonder when should to start email coaches.

The answer is pretty straight forward:

As soon as you know you want to play at the next level.


Keep reading and you’ll learn:

Recruiting Classes are Flexible Early

One of the key benefits of emailing coaches early in your high school athletic career is that recruiting classes are flexible early in the process.

Coaches build a pipeline of players that they narrow down each year to inevitably find the athletes they finally sign a year before those athletes arrive on campus.

If you want to be sitting at the table on signing day, your best bet is to get on some coaches’ short list early in the process.

At RecruitRef, we know college coaches who have lists of 8th graders who they are watching develop.

Also, the stakes for a college coach to see an 8th, 9th or 10th grader compete are way lower than an 11th or 12th grader.

Coaches are still casting a wide net when they are looking at 8th, 9th and 10th graders...

...But, once they start looking to upperclassmen, they are narrowing their lists to who they are going to offer their precious few open roster positions.

You want to be on a coach’s short list as early as possible.

Another important reason it is best to get on a coach’s shortlist early is it can influence their recruiting process for the class ahead of you.

For instance, if a coach has watched you play for two years and really wants you to be on their team, they will make sure they don’t fill your position on their roster in the class one or two years before you.

By communicating early, you can increase your chances of a coach holding a roster position for you.

Your Goal Is To Build A Relationship

Zooming out, your goal throughout the entire recruiting process is to create relationships with the coaches recruiting you.

It might seem like a fuzzier goal than making a coach’s short list, but hear us out.

If you hold athletic ability, skill, and academics all equal, a coach is always going to pick an athlete that they like and have a relationship with over an athlete that is a stranger.

By emailing coaches early in the recruiting process, you give yourself that time it takes to build relationships.

Especially when the communication is flowing one way and the coach is only able to see you play a handful of times.

Also, emailing coaches early in your high school career allows you to show progress and improvement…

...Showing development over your high school career signals to a coach that you have the ability to continue to progress when you complete for their program.

And lastly,

Having the confidence and taking the initiative to email a coach positions you as a mature self-starter. These are traits college coaches love.

We admit, there is often more art to science when it comes to building relationships with coaches via email.

But, starting early gives you the best chance of succeeding at the process.

To conclude,

Start emailing college coaches as soon as you are serious about being a college athlete.