How Often Should You Contact Coaches

How Often Should You Contact Coaches

How Often Should You Contact Coaches

As a high school athlete or the loved one of a high school athlete who is committed to playing their sport in college,

You know how critical it is to get noticed by college coaches.

Emailing college coaches is the most direct way of getting their attention.

You might be wondering how often you should email a college coach.

Balancing being persistent without being annoying is challenging but doable.

Keep reading and we will cover:

Provide Value With Every Email

College coaches are busy people.

They have to balance coaching, recruiting and representing their school.

Recruiting is a top priority to many college coaches. After all, their teams are only as good as the players that play for them.

That’s why they love getting information from athletes. It shows that an athlete is interested in playing for their program.

That being said, you should provide value to the coach each time you reach out to them.

Every email should have a purpose in providing information to improve what a coach thinks about you as a recruit.

In general, “Saying Hi!” is the wrong way to approach an email to a college coach. You want to be professional.

You should start by sending an introduction email.

Then follow up every time your “profile” updates, including things like:

  • Your GPA came in really high.
  • You were named to 1st Team All-State.
  • You will be coming to their camp.
  • You want to share your club/AAU schedule.
  • You have new film of you competing.

Feel free to let some personality show through as long as you keep it professional...

...And be sure to always send it personally to the coach.

Consistency & Ramping Are Key

It’s important that you are consistent in reaching out to coaches. It isn’t enough to simply send a single email and think that’s all it will take.

Be diligent about reaching out to coaches at consistent intervals pace.

With regular communication, you can repeatedly bring yourself to the attention of a coach.

This gives you a chance to develop your candidacy as a recruit for their program.

So be sure to mix up the overall point you want to get across in each email.


You should increase the rate at which you email coaches as you progress toward signing day.

At RecruitRef, we suggest:

As a freshman, email a coach once every three months.

As a sophomore, email a coach every other month.

As a junior, email the coach every month.

This ramping up in communication will show you are still committed to that coach’s school.

To conclude:

Reach out to coaches regularly and increase the rate as you get closer to signing day, and be sure to always provide value in every email.