How Many Coaches Should You Email

How Many Coaches Should You Email

Why You Should Email Coaches As Soon As You Are Serious

As an aspiring college athlete or the family member of an aspiring college athlete, you are serious about getting noticed by college coaches.


...You know that the best way to be get noticed by college coaches is to send them personalized emails.

But as you balance all the important facets of being successfully recruited, you wonder,

“How many coaches should I be emailing?”

We at RecruitRef will admit that it’s different for everyone.

Keep reading and we will cover the following topics:

More Than Your Dream School

Before we give you an exact number of coaches to email,

At RecruitRef, we would suggest that you think of the types of schools you should be contacting instead of the absolute number.

First, you should definitely contact more schools than just your dream school.

Unfortunately, every high school athlete isn’t going to be able to play for their dream school.

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t shoot for your top choice and work as hard as possible to achieve your dream of playing there.

But when it comes to emailing coaches and building relationships with coaches you are more likely of playing at the next level if you spread your chances out over multiple schools.

We suggest that you develop your list of schools in a way that makes sense for you.

You can categorize by:

Region, Conference, Scholarship Dollars, Majors, Distance From Home, School Size, etc.

Make a list of schools that fit your criteria then consider making another pass with:

A Three Tiered Approach

The Three Tiered Approach is when you select schools from your above list based on three key buckets: Stretch, Target, and Safety.

Put your dream school in the Stretch category and include any other schools that are of same caliber.

These are usually the most competitive DI teams or a particular program you really want for academic reasons (aka. Ivy League Schools).

Now, choose schools from your criteria where it seems more likely that you can make the team. Put these in your Target category.

This is an individualized process and is going to highly dependent on your situation. If you are a top 100 recruit, you may be looking at really competitive DI teams. But, if you are more like the average NCAA athlete, you’ll likely be considering mid-to-low DI and upper DII schools.

Lastly, pick a few schools that you think would be even more reasonable than those you placed in the Target category. Local DII and DIII schools are usually in this category. These would be considered your Safety schools.

Be sure to not discount these Safety schools. Many athletes end up choosing a school from their Safety schools for many reasons other than that they didn’t get an offer from a Stretch or Target school.

Often it has more to do with fit.

Now to the number,

We would recommend targeting at least 5 schools in each category.

Feel free to target more.

By using this Three Tiered Approach, you’ll be sure to have many types of options to email over your high school career.

Competing Funnels

You should not feel bad about building relationships with many different schools.

As time progresses and you get to know each program better, you’ll begin to narrow down your list from 15+ schools to 10, then 5, then 2, finally 1.

This approach of narrowing down schools is called a funnel because you have many as you begin the process and only a few at the end.

It is conceptually looks like a funnel, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

Rest assured, coaches are doing the same thing with athletes on their end of the recruiting process.

Your funnel is competing with theirs. The more types of schools that fit your criteria the more likely you will have options when the time comes to decide where you want to play.

To conclude,

Think less about how many schools and more about the types of schools you should be contacting.